Sean Collins, CEO

The no-intro intro:   I’m Sean, the person who brought together the fantastic minds behind (and in) Cinch

Since you already know what we’re doing at Cinch, I will leave that one alone.  And I won’t bore you with my background other than I am a financial services lifer and insider.  It is my personal mission to level the playing field for regular folks. I am totally and completely “all in” creating your financial superpowers.  Which is exactly what they are.

 So you don’t have to waste time looking at stuff that doesn’t interest you, here’s what you’ll see from me:

  • Stuff I really need you to know about as a Cinch client, or as a prospective client.  No puffery or self-promotion, which I promise never to do.  If I do call me on it.
  • Heartfelt reactions to things I see in our financial landscape which are lies, damn lies, and evil in general.  I am turning 55 this year so these are not the musings of a baby-founder / CEO.
  • Transparency about everything going on here, and what we’re doing, since your precious financial well-being is in our hands.

If there are things you want me to cover or other feedback you’d like to give me, simply shoot me a note at [ sean (at) cinchfinancial (dot) com ].  I’d love to hear from you, and will always do my best to get back to you in short order.


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