The Recession Is Over: It’s Seriously Time to Shave

I really thought that the “long-hair-don’t-care” trend in adult males would end with the poor economic times.  Research has attributed mangy facial hair trends to being laid off and a general lack of surplus funds for grooming products.  But the recession is over, and facial hair remains a trend, even as hairstyles that require more grooming come back into style.

“…the worst is over. And so are beards.”

The early 2000’s are a perfect example of a time when economic prosperity dictated overtly expensive hairstyles:

Honestly, those frosted tips in every color, white guy dreads, and excessive use of hair product just scream that people almost had too much money (and with it, time—think of how long it takes to get those highlights!) to be spending it on their hairstyles.

In the late 2000’s, we experienced an economic downturn that led to a much more conservative look, even for JT.  It just wasn’t appropriate to go around showing off how much money you spent on your hair when people were losing their jobs left and right.

That’s when the “lumbersexual” look came into existence, and the bushy beards took over otherwise adorable faces.

But guess what.  In November 2016, with 178,000 new jobs added to the US economy and the unemployment rate back to 4% (considered stable for the economy of a developed country), the worst is over.  And so are beards.  It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, and by that, I mean buy some shaving cream and a good razor.


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