What’s My Chronotype? The Science of Sleeping & Waking

There is science behind your struggle to sleep, and it’s not because your account balance is low.

Chronotype is not a new concept, but the recently released book, The Power of When by Dr. Michael Breus, has brought the question back into the spotlight: what is your genetic predisposition to sleeping and waking, and how can you use this to your advantage?  Complete this short questionnaire to narrow your type, and Dr. Breus will describe some habits and qualities you may recognize as your own.

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Dr. Breus offers some useful life hacks that can specifically relate to your financial life.  By learning your chronotype, you’ll know when your brain is primed for making important decisions and what hours of the day you are predisposed for productivity.  The chronotype is based more on genetics than on personality, although knowing your Myers-Briggs Type or your Enneagram Number can also reveal more about your financial personality and your best career path.

Shana Lebowitz at Business Insider incorporated Dr. Breus’s techniques into her life, and found that over two months, she had significantly more energy, required less caffeine, and felt the daily routine work for her.  In your own work life, you can learn about the best time to make phone calls that really connect, the safest way to commute to work, and the best time to ask for a raise, which turns out to be a Thursday afternoon.

Knowing the hours of the day when you are on your decision-making game can help you be at your best when you approach your financial wellbeing.  Dolphins, for example, shouldn’t be online shopping at night after work, when their best hours of the day are behind them.  On the other hand, late-risers don’t want to force waking up early to tackle their financial habits.  The point is to work with your natural sleep rhythms to benefit yourself in the best way possible.   Working toward prime productivity is a common goal, one that can promote not only self-worth but abundance in all aspects of your life.

So, what’s your chronotype?

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